Thursday, March 02, 2006

Proof Reading

When I was a kid, I told my mum I wanted to be “someone who picks out printed mistakes” and proceeded to show her the missing punctuations in an Enid Blyton book I was reading. I then asked her if there was such a job in the world and she said “No”.

Thereafter, I forced myself to ignore the missing alphabets or strange spacings with each book I read, never realizing how this skill would have helped me later on in life, which is now.

And now, oh how I dislike proofreading all my marketing materials and often skip it, causing some expensive re-prints (I had to reprint 600 pieces of a brochure once because I missed out the word “see picture bellow” and received a reprimand from the company director).
I’m going through some legal terms and conditions at the moment and my eyes have crossed in protest.

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Monster said...

Be thankful that you only get to come across the dasdardly legal documents once in a while.