Sunday, September 03, 2006

Big Day Tomorrow

So tomorrow is my big event. And what am I doing now? As per my tradition of Big Day Eves (like the eve of my wedding), I'm playing Freaky Factory on Neopets.

I notice I am usually switched off and not panicking when it comes to things like this. Even in Cambodia, I was actually very worried that I wasn't panicking as I was on my way to give my first sermon. That was the biggest scary thing for me the entire trip, to be posted one by one to an unknown place and unknown people. But yet I was calm, as though I was on autopilot. A body detachment, watching myself do it. Kind of like a "See me" from that witch book from Pratchett.

Is this normal or is this the way I deal with stress? Ha, shutting off isn't a very smart way to be on top of things, is it?

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