Tuesday, September 05, 2006


After living in a mess for over a few months, KS decided to take last Sunday upon himself to clean up the house. He is really good at doing that compared to me, who'd be sifting through all the mess and get distracted by the contents of boxes that has been lying there for months or even years.

Anyways, when I got home after the MPO, here's what I was greeted with upon stepping into the house:
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I got these "candle flowers" from my ex company (that was just about one year ago) when the visual merchandisers were done with them. Apparently you can buy them from florists for about RM10. Or I could walk outside my house here and saw them down for free. Yes, they're growing wild in my own neighbourhood although I suspect these lalang-looking plants will be chopped down when the new road is built soon.

Our excuse for not putting it up was that we couldn't find a suitable vase for it. Until one day last month, I stumbled upon a shop in Kelana Jaya Giant shopping mall - of all places. And it was on sale. Don't you just love a good bargain?

If you're wondering why I so giat to blog today, it's because I have half day off after the long working hours yesterday. Now I have to get ready to go work.


ron said...

Its looks great! I would love to have those kind of plants in vases in my house! At the moment I'm glass candle crazy and have been buying a few things for my bedroom, lounge room etc. I hardly use much electric lighting nowadays! The website is www.firelight.com
One thing with your zen vase...why is the black wire doing behind it?? It sort of spoils the effect - couldnt they make telephone sockets a little lower to the ground?? You could perhaps put a screen behind the vase to hide the wire.

jo said...

i suppose i could take out the telephone wire. we don't use the phone anyway and have chucked it into the store room beside it. good idea!