Saturday, September 16, 2006

Winds of Change

My computer screen went blank on Thursday when I had rushed home from work and eagerly wanted to blog. No computer, no internet, no blogging. :(

And now, I've forgotten what it was I wanted to blog about.

Anyway, there are some changes that will be coming to KS and I. Well, mainly to KS. One of it is that we have decided to get a new car tomorrow. His old Perdana has been giving us a lot of problems with frequent breakdowns and when we visit the mechanics, the prices they'd quote us would be horrendous. "Perdana, mah!"

However, the car dealer and my Dad (when I told him later what car it was we're interested in) were surprised that we're downgrading the car, from a 2.0 to a 1.3. To me, it is not really a downgrade since it is from a Proton car to a Japanese car. Heck, as long as it takes us from A to B, that is what a function of a car is for anyway. (You can tell you'd never be able to sell me a BMW or a Merc).

Dad was more relieved that we were trading in the old car as he admitted he was always worried whenever we travelled outstation with it. And also because he was also eyeing the same car since it was launched more than a year ago. He's even discussed what colours he and Mum likes. Sorry Dad, we're going with the colour Mum prefers. Silver's too common on Malaysian roads.

This is the first time we're making a big decision like this. The house, well, we had the backing and urging of KS parents. This one, we're on our own to fend for our decision.

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