Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I recently found out that one of my uni mates was attacked just 3 months ago. He was about to get into his Mercedes at home when some Chinese men tried to steal his car. Now, this friend of mine is a self made businessman, around my age. I would assume that one of his first splurges was this car so it is not surprising he tried to put up a fight. He is also this tough macho guy slightly bordering gangster looking.

Anyway, the robbers slashed him with a parang and left him bleeding from his neck and arms after he shouted for help.

Today, I found out that my boss was ALSO robbed of his Merc last Friday at parang point. This time, he was fortunate enough that they told him they only wanted his car and he immediately gave up his keys to them. If I'm not mistaken, he just got home from work.

Then we've had several decomposed bodies found all over the nation, one of which is a teenage boy who was stuffed into a luggage clad only in his briefs and dumped at a construction site at a major intersection near my uncle's home in Damansara. This was allegedly a kidnap attempt gone wrong.

Another highly decomposed body was found, a lady whose wrists were tied behind her.

There was a kidnap attempt on a 14 year old kid in Subang last week while he was on his way home from school. The abductor is a company director who was heavily in debt due to his gambling. The kid was a random victim but thank goodness he was smart enough to escape.

It's horrific to read so many crimes happening here in the Klang Valley. Will it ever end?

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