Thursday, September 21, 2006

Time Crisis II

Ever since I started working, I have been playing this arcade game whenever I could. A game would cost around RM2 and you'd need to keep topping it up whenever your "life" has run out.

So today, after the brainstorming session, we headed to Berjaya Times Square and played Daytona. There were 7 of us including boss. It was such fun! But because I was already feeling slightly nauseous, I couldn't go beyond 3 games.

Instead, I invited my colleague to play Time Crisis II with me. I ended up using only RM7 (prices have dropped to just RM1 per game since they now have Time Crisis IV) and you know what? I FINISHED the game and emerged number 6 on the list of high scores! This is THE finalè to my near decade efforts.

I now do not have any reason to go into an arcade centre anymore except for Daytona. Perhaps I should start another quest, this time on Time Crisis III.

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