Thursday, June 05, 2008

Chew Your Food

I was watching a Korean channel on pay TV the other day with my Mum and they showed a documentary on chewing food. It seems you need to chew a lot before you swallow (one old man chews his food 100 times) to help digestion and dementia.

Since Mum and I have been having some digestion problems, we sat through our breakfast the next day in silence, chewing profusely. The noodles started soaking up my soup even before I could get through a quarter of it. It was quite funny actually. Eventually, I gave up as my food became cold and tasteless.

Which, in a way, is good too coz then I don’t eat that much. Sounds like a plan. Right after my humongous ulcer on my tongue, which is stopping me from eating too much, disappears.

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