Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bangkok II

So I’ve book our flight tickets again for a second attempt at going to Bangkok in July. This time, our stay will just cover the weekend and will focus on shopping (KS has yet to know this bit, can’t wait to see his eyes pop at the thought!).

And I just heard that a certain shopping place called MBK is well known for AA grade genuine imitation handbags. Hmm… coupled with my new urge to blend with the Joneses

Speaking of bags, I just bought a lovely red document bag on sale over the weekend. I proudly brought it to work, thinking it looked waay better than my Rootote for work. My confident step was mauled on the way home when my male colleague looked at it and commented "That looks like a cheap bag" and my bag proceeded to protest by failing at the zip. I now have to bring it back to make the replacement IF they replace it. (A lovely "Thank you for buying our products. Our goods are non refundable and non returnable" is stated on the receipt).

Anyway, I turned to my colleague and said, "This could be one reason you're still single".

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Wendy said...

Is that the Rootote I saw you with the other day? It looks great lah! For your info, I myself have never carried a branded bag too.