Saturday, June 14, 2008

Malaysian Customer Service

One thing I appreciate about my old company was that they had excellent service. You could be assured of stepping into an outlet and if they didn't have the stock, they will take the effort to find out where they can get it for you so that you'd have to drop by the same outlet to get it in a couple of days. Or, they may even send it to your office if you're nearby.

But the customer service for other retailers is absolutely crap. I mentioned buying a Bonita document bag just last Sunday from the Bukit Tinggi Jusco outlet and I discovered within the first use that the zip was faulty. So, because I stay in PJ and work in KL, it was impossible for me to go all the way to Klang just to exchange the bag.

I walked into it's branch in Pavillion and they refused to change it for me "because our stock will not be balanced". Like that's my problem. And because she wasn't interested to serve me, I had to ask for the phone number of the outlet I bought it from to confirm if I could return it over the weekend. Let's just say she wasn't too happy to have to bother finding out the phone number.

After calling and confirming that I could replace it, I went back this morning, 6 days after purchase, something which she repeated at least thrice until I told her to get over it. And the girl there told me I simply couldn't change it after 3 days. An argument ensued and I felt like threatening them. After calling her supervisor twice, she allowed me to exchange it.

Alas, the only other stock left was also faulty. What poor quality goods Bonita must carry! She just looked at me and indicated that I should just choose either faulty bag and live with it. In the end, she said she was going to get me another stock from another outlet within the week.

What bugs me now is that I left my bag there and just have my paid receipt for it instead of a replacement receipt. Didn't want to be further accused of scratching the bag (it was scratched already when I bought it).

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