Sunday, June 08, 2008


I'm still having my huge ulcer under my tongue. It's not getting better although I'm getting immune to the pain. I guess it's coz it's located on a moving and stretchable muscle and doesn't allow it to heal.

Want to see it? Surprisingly my colleagues declined a live version. Photo later unless there are strong protests of seeing something gross. :)

See that monster? Well, I'm glad to say that it's now finally gone, after 2 weeks.



Kelvin said...

Let's see this thing!!!! :D Over here, we have something called Zilactin-B. It produces a film that acts both as a healing agent as well as a protective layer. Stings when you put it on but helps to hasten the healing process. :D

Mlle Monster said...

I swear by Kenalog.

jo said...

hahaha... thanks for the enthusiasm on the disgusting thing stuck to my tongue. i'll need to get back my card reader from jan before i can upload it on the blog.

but the photo didn't turn out to be as clear as i wanted it.