Sunday, June 29, 2008

Public Blog?

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting the editor of my favourite Malaysian magazine. As we chatted, I mentioned I blogged and she automatically asked for the address, if I didn't mind.

My jaw dropped. I had just posted the photo of the ulcer on my tongue and the thought of having the EDITOR of my fav magazine having access to the ummm... less appetizing blog entries etched all over my face. Thank goodness she was sweet and understanding without me saying much about why I was reluctant to share!

Then recently a headhunter contacted me and asked me, amongst other things, about my blog. Sheesh! I put it into my resume many moons back when I was angling it to suit a job which would have favoured having a blog and I forgot to remove it.

I would think that having a blog is pretty common nowadays but it seems it might be a topic of conversation when it's on a resume.

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Mlle Monster said...

Its very obvious why I don't let on I hv a blog and my blog has very few references of me. My boss is an Unmo overlord at that. Hehe.