Saturday, October 11, 2008

Accidental Shopping

I'm here in Singapore to spend time with my sister and her family just before I start my new job. Wasn't planning to do any shopping since the exchange rates are horrendous. And what happens? I happened to follow my sis and Mum to Suntec City.

Even before we reached our destination, Mum and I already bought some clothes from our favourite outlet, Hang Ten. I really have no idea why we always end up buying Hang Ten clothes in Singapore. Must be Mum, really.

As we walked towards Suntec, I nearly bought more clothes but managed to convert and ask myself if I would really buy that top in Ringgit. Proud that I managed to resist, I turned a corner and there, laying in wait for me was Daniel Yam's shop. Now, it has been my aspiration for almost 5 years now to own a Daniel Yam.

Daniel Yam is a Singaporean designer who once had a few of his clothes in Metrojaya Mid Valley. I loved his clothes back then and even when I was looking for my wedding dress, I tried and tried to find something that was suitable.

Unfortunately, I felt it was a bit too pricey at that point. By the time my spending levels had increased enough to allow me to splurge, his line was taken off from Metrojaya and I could not find any of his shops in Singapore.

With absolute determination this time, I stepped in and picked up just two dresses which would be appropriate to attend weddings. I must say the designs are old (he doesn't seem to have designed anything new lately and his website hasn't been updated since '01!) but what I love about his clothes is that they are "expandable" - meaning, my stomach can bloat or my hips expand and yet it will still fit because of its biased cut and lovely material.

So I made a hasty purchase. Now I'm feeling the guilt wash over me. Dang! I'd better go to someone's wedding or some dinner and wear this several times just to justify my purchase. Quick! Anyone! Get married and invite me!

Went into Muji too but somehow didn't feel the magic we felt in HK so we came out empty handed.

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