Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Few Days

Things are very exciting at my new workplace. I'm not doing what I was brought in to do! Which is good, as I am learning a lot more than what I have been familiar with for the last 3 years.

Okay, will not talk much about work itself but I MUST say this:
1. I do not have access to Gmail
2. All pictures are banned from the internet (meaning, if you have a photo on your blog, I can't see it)
3. Internet connection is slow
4. I can't change my Wallpaper
5. My mouse has no scroller
6. At least I can open blogs
7. I have to go buy my own wastepaper basket

Just the few quirky things I've observed so far lah. If you know me well enough, I don't have to explain what No.1 to No. 5 means to me. I'm getting my new computer tomorrow so that will hopefully remove offensive mouse.

Another thing that has just dawned upon me is that, I am now in higher management level and I need to learn how to treat the fresh grads and younger staff properly. More learning.

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