Saturday, October 25, 2008

Record Breaking

Stayed back late last night at the office. 11:30pm. My personal record and the company’s record too. Not that I’m proud to be associated with the title. The news spread like wildfire even though I only told one other person aside from my boss (who later gave concessions on my errors due to my feat!).

It’s been a busy week, the kind that time flies so much so that you have to get a phone call to remind you that it’s lunch when you still haven’t had your breakfast. But luckily for me, it’s not like Jan’s “busy-at-work” definition, that you even stop yourself from taking a dump! I still do go to the loo, don’t worry.

My colleagues are really nice as I’m getting to know them. One of them is a fresh grad and is really enthusiastic and positive, whom I’m really motivated by. Great kid! Another looks like a demure gal but does stuff like paintballing, plays sports basically is an outgoing person.

This weekend is a long weekend due to Deepavali on Monday. Although I was prepared to be mentally thinking about work as per last weekend, my boss refused to update us on his last meeting, insisting we go back and have a restful weekend. I’m also getting to know my boss better and I’m happy the way things are going.

So… what I am still doing here? Today is my turn to wait for KS. And it’s already 9pm. Sheesh.

So while I wait, let me just share more about my office. My office has central air-cond and it is set at freezing temperatures. At first I was worried about what the dress code would be, being in an Islamic bank and all. After all, I just acquired some skirts from Bangkok and was starting to wear them more often back in my old office. But now, I don’t have to worry because I have to totally cover myself up or risk freezing! Dang. I should have bought the autumn/winter dresses from Hong Kong.

Speaking of being covered up, today at lunch, I guided a tourist from Argentina to a money changer. Along the way, I spoke to him and asked if he enjoyed our warm weather. He looked at my dressing and said, “It IS very hot here but you’re dressed in so many layers!”

All in all, I’m stressed out but happy and motivated. There are a lot of things I’m going to be learning!

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