Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ron & The Balcony

I seem to have too many Stories of my Sister but I also do have a story of my brother. Ron actually jumped from our balcony not once, but twice. Yes.

The first time, he said it was because he observed a tall neighbour lounging on his balcony. When his friend came by, he easily leapt down as the balcony wasn't very high. So Ron though he could do the same and jumped. Said his legs hurt when he landed.

The second time was to use the open umbrella cartoon concept. Of course, the umbrella turned upside down and down he went.

He's still in one piece and didn't experience any broken bones from the said stunts.

Oh, another one about the balcony was either Ron or Grace who threw their mountain chickens, trying to make them fly. After several attempts, the chicken died of a heart attack.

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ron said...

OMG yes I remember that - it was the neighbours brother who was a teenager at that time. He looked like he had really long legs and when I saw him jump down I thought "hey that looks quite easy" so I did the same - i think I was like 7 yo or something.
And the poor mountain chickens - I feel ashamed now thinking how cruel we were to the poor things - we used to have "chicken races" where we used papaya leaves to scare the two chickens to see which one ran fastest