Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Couple of weeks ago, KS suggested we go watch Mamma Mia. Since this is highly unusual, I accepted the offer with apprehension. When we were waiting in line to go into the cinema, there were plenty of "aunties" waiting with us.

"You know I'm doing this for you, right? This is called sacrificial love. Agape love. You know? It's the same level as me standing in front of an oncoming vehicle to protect you"

After a lot of eye rolling, we got in. And who was the one who laughed the loudest throughout the movie?

Anyway, after watching and enjoying the movie, I just went and bought the tickets to the musical for 1 Jan 09. The ticket counter opened yesterday but yet most of the seats were gone! Mum and Dad wanted to skimp on the tickets but heck, we only watch musicals once a while so I'd rather pay a bit more and have a better view, don't you think?

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