Monday, October 27, 2008

Lumix LZ8

I was recently offered to buy the Panasonic Lumix LZ8 for a steal so I went to check it out. After all, I wouldn't mind having a second camera in the event that I don't want to be carrying my bulky prosumer. It boasts of wide angle lens, 5x digital zoom, large LCD screen, uses AA rechargeable batteries, easy grip (can't stand those ultra slim cameras that always slip from your grip) amongst others.

Another reason for getting it was because Dad was starting to look at the Olympus FE320, which I somehow don't quite like because it doesn't share the same memory card (more hassle in transferring the shots because of my card reader) plus I've seen some photos taken with that camera and it looks too.. exposed. Gosh, am I starting to become so picky?

Anyway, bundled together with the camera was a free 2G SD card, free tripod and a 3 year warranty. I was extremely tempted. I have a 4G SD card and several 2-1G cards lying around but heck, I'm drawn to freebies!

However, the 8MP camera with Leica lens just somehow couldn't impress me enough to part with just RM399. I took several shots but they all appeared blur and the quality of the photo left much to be desired for. Of course, with a flash it looked okay but I usually avoid using a flash unless necessary for taking photos.

Plus, it didn't have Indoor nor Plants options, which are the two Dad and I use most. So in the end, I came back to do more research on the camera and there were quite a lot of negative comments about it. Sure, the wide angle lens was a great feature but what's the use of that when the photos turn out terrible?

Ah well, I just saved myself some cash.

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