Thursday, October 02, 2008

New Job Nightmares

The last time I left my first job, I had a nightmare just 2 days after starting at my new workplace. I dreamed I had returned to my old workplace, saying hello to familiar faces who were wondering what on earth I was doing back there. And I only realised I was in the wrong office at the end of the day, and by then, I knew my new boss had fired me for not reporting in that day.

This time around, I have only resigned for 2 full days, not even started my new work and I've had THREE nightmares. First two woke me at 6:45am and I couldn't go back to sleep thereafter.

First nightmare was on the night I resigned, was that I received a call from my new boss who asked me strange questions like, "What product did you handle?". I told him then queried why he is asking me now and since everything is already on my CV. In panic, I heard him say over the phone that they actually don't want to hire me anymore! I screamed over the phone that I've already resigned and that I don't care, I've already signed their offer letter, so they are legally bound by it!

The second nightmare was that I met up with my old colleagues for lunch. And at the table, I asked them how the co-brand partner was doing. Immediately they shut up and refused to say a word. And the reason for that was because I had become the competitor so they are not to even reveal if Mr Lim is fine or not. I got so upset, I left the lunch table at once, feeling like an outcast.

And now at my afternoon nap, I just dreamed that my new role was actually taking care of a bowling alley which my new bank has for their customers to use. And I knew that I had to work late and weekend, when most customers would make use of the bowling alley. Plus, the bowling alley was located about 1 km away so I had a dilemma whether to drive there or walk there every day. I panicked and wanted to ask my new boss what exactly is my new role there is. Plus, at the same time, I thought I'd better call my friends to see if they have another job available for me to switch to in case it really is looking after the bowling alley!

Oh my gawd! Can't I sleep in peace?! What's wrong with me??


Grace said...

hi Jo,
Just to let you know that they can cancel your job offer before you start. There is no legal obligation for them to hire you.

Plesant dreams, good night.


siewkheng said...

Well as a consolation, there are abundant jobs out there. You can easily find one with your qualifications. Well, last resort you can always go back to your last job. Believe they will welcome you back with arms wide open.

Have fun in Cameron.