Saturday, May 02, 2009


Despite having watched at least eight cartoons from the Studio Ghibli collection, when a store offered a half price for the DVD set, we bought it on an impluse. Upon closer inspection (yes, only after we bought it - smart), we pleasantly discovered we had not watched quite a few on the new collection.

So for the past two nights, we've been immersing ourselves with the cartoons. If you're familiar with Studio Ghibli, you would know that the movies are a hit or miss. Last night we watched The Cat Returns, which I thought the cat Baron was quite handsome. It was a hit on my list.

But tonight. Tonight we confused the heck out of ourselves with Tales from Earthsea. It left us with jaws agape and a "Wha... wha... WHAT??" reaction. Was she really Eternal Life that transformed into a dragon? And why were there two dragons fighting at the start? I'm so perplexed by the storyline that I'm actually trying to Wiki it to find out what it actually means.

Yawn. It's late and Wiki isn't helpful. I'm going to sleep. At least I enjoyed Wolverine this afternoon. Look out for Agent Zero. Mmm...


Mlle Monster said...

Ah, you have discovered Earthsea! Its a beautiful story akin to LOTR but gentler and less academic than Tolkien's history lessons.

The Wizard of Earthsea series started out as a quartet and then plus 2. Sounds like the cartoon depicts the last of the 6 books. Hence the huh? factor.

The books are my all time favourite. Odd that the producers picked on only one story. Guess its because it was the loveliest tale of the lot.

Grace said...

The boys love The Cat Returns. Where did you buy the set from, aku pun nak jugak.

jo said...

hmm... no wonder jan mentioned it reminded her so much of lotr. i just re-watched the return of the king the day before so i thought i was being biased.

still, it's confusing.

grace, you want a copy? it's selling for only RM45 for 18 cartoons. original. but there are some cartoons that i don't like, like grave of fireflies, which is included. oh well, can't pick and choose i suppose.