Saturday, May 09, 2009

Jennifer Anniston Quote

I've seen this supposed quote by Jennifer Anniston a couple of times now in at least two magazines:

"I even brush my teeth while I shower" to apparently save on water and heating.

Tell me, when you're in the shower and brushing your teeth, aren't you doing nothing but stand with hot water running while you brush your teeth? Especially in cold weather, you'd NOT want to switch off that hot water and stand shivering while you brush your teeth, would you?

So, either my imagination isn't big enough or there has to be a way to brush your teeth in the shower to save water. Hey, maybe she should be introduced to the Malaysian primary school method, brush your teeth with a mug. THAT will save water.

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Kelvin said...

Hmm... it's all about process :D There order that you do things in can save you water and time :D