Saturday, May 02, 2009

Cookie Attempt

A couple of Christmases ago, I received a lovely Christmas cookie cutter set. It sat in my cupboard, waiting for the perfect recipe for them to bring life into.

Well, I stumbled upon this recipe from Karen Cheng's blog which seemed ridiculously simple. I mean, just 4 ingredients, how difficult can it get? Plus, she mentions it took her about half an hour and I dig recipes I can double to use up one block of butter. It irks me to have different sizes of chopped butter in my freezer when I never know when I will use it (my baking bug has abandoned me for some time).

Everything was going well until I realised she mentions chucking the whole mixture into the fridge while cleaning up. Shrugging it off, I followed her instructions to the dot.

THEN! As I tried to use the cookie cutter, I realised why it needs to be in the fridge. It melts fairly quickly and while she was in Perth with cool temperatures, it is extremely hot here in Malaysia. Here's how my "stars" and "bell" turned out. They look like decapitated turtles and a triangle.

In the end, I used the surest and fastest way of making cookies, ball them up and press them with a fork. Ta-dah!!

Now I await my victim a.k.a. Jan to come back, who will surely eat these experiments. They taste like how they are meant to taste, flour, sugar and butter. I mean, she does eat cat food...

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