Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Great Brownies

Last Christmas, I got my nephew a packet of Betty Crocker's Walnut Brownies. Grace then told me how much they enjoyed it and actually went out looking for it in Singapore.

Right after speaking to her on this, I flipped the papers and saw an article on brownie reviews on the best brownies in town. Betty Crocker's was voted the 2nd best. That drove me to grab a pack.

It was fantastically easy to make, of course. Just a few spoonfuls of water, some oil and two eggs. I brought it back to Melaka for Mother's Day and Yen, who was prewarned of the coming brownie, bought Baskin Robbins vanilla ice cream. We had our warmed brownie slices with a scoop of the ice cream and a dash of Baileys. Mmm... Sorry, no photos as they didn't survive long enough for photo taking.

So gila over it that I bought two more packs. Yummm...

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