Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nonsense Stories

I like telling stories. Stories that no one else bothers to remember but provides laughter during a gathering. It's like the little widget on my blog on Useless Knowledge. Hence my little stories about my family, Eric's Misadventures and nature stories like the lampreys.

So on Friday during an office lunch, I regaled the tales of Mike the Headless Chicken to my colleagues. They were disbelieving until I showed them the link.
Little did I realise Mike's Festival was just held a couple of weeks ago. Yes, they have a holiday and an event every year to mark this remarkable chicken's life.

Alas, none of my co-workers had any nonsense stories to tell me. I've already told them about how Kopi Luwak is derived, how salmons swim up the river to mate and die, some of the best of Eric's Misadventures, how fine sugar can cause an explosion just to name a few. Humph, so much for sharing.

Anyone care to share some stories?

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