Saturday, May 09, 2009

To See Boyle?

"We're going to London to watch U2"

"Oh! To see Susan Boyle?"

"??? Er... Why would we travel all the way to London to watch Susan Boyle?"

After repeating ourselves, my friend finally said, "Oh! I thought you said you were going to London to watch YouTube, which I thought was really strange"

Sigh. Reminds me of the U2 Top Ten List on David Letterman.

So yes, we got the tickets. We still haven't figured out how long to stay. Plus how many months we'd need to feed on grass. Of course, if, by a stroke of unimaginable luck, I somehow win the AirAsia contest...

Anyway, some trivia which I'm ripping off the Malaysian Cleo Magazine May 2009 issue p. 237 untitled "Are You Stupid?":
In a US study that compared students' SAT results - a test taken by students wanting to enter college - with their fave music, fans of Beyoncé's music came out second last. At the last spot are fans of rapper Lil Wayne. Classical music fans scored higher than anyone else. Also credited with above-average intelligence are fans of bands like Radiohead and U2. Fans of Aerosmith and Nickelback, however, scored rather low.

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