Friday, May 29, 2009

Three Movies

Summer movies are here! Over the last week, I watched three; Angels & Demons, Star Trek and Terminator 4.
I was terribly excited about Angels & Demons since the illustrated book hooked me for an overnight read. It was definitely a better movie than The Da Vinci Code as this was more action packed. However, the illustrated book was much more enjoyable as I got to stare at the pictures of the statues while the movie just skimmed over the beauty of the statues.

Star Trek, despite not being a Trekkie, was rather enjoyable too with surprisingly quite a few funny parts. Sylar was too close to mind whenever Spock appeared.

Terminator 4 was a different experience. We had sponsored tickets but since KS couldn't make it at the last minute, I went with Jan who was so excited at getting premiere tickets and slightly star struck that we were in a hall full of famous Malaysian bloggers.

What's more, we were allocated like the best seats in the hall. It made me realise how we've been so used to getting them that her experience made me appreciate the privilege we have been enjoying.

As for the movie, erm... let's just say I wouldn't go out to watch it again. There was too much Transformers and Matrix-ish feel to it that it didn't feel like an original.

Next up, I'm hoping to drag the whole family to watch Aliens vs Monsters in 3D. I can so see Mum saying, "Go watch a cartoon? I'd rather do shopping and meet you all later"

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