Saturday, May 16, 2009

Europe Travel

Since I haven't received any email from AirAsia to say that I have won the U2 contest, that means, I didn't win it. Cheh.

Anyway, I'm still pretty excited about my back-up U2 Concert/Europe trip. Never mind that the H1N1 virus is looming. That should only mean air tickets should get cheaper, shouldn't it?

However, after surfing for the best flights, I suddenly discover it is SUPER expensive to fly from KL to London and Venice back to KL (we're thinking London for a few days, head to Paris on the train, then to Venice to finish off our little tour). MAS is cheap only if you fly return KL-London-KL.

Sigh. Anyone heard of Etihad Airways? Apparently Visa Platinum is having a promo for flying to all European points. I'll have to find out more about the fine print when the travel agencies open on Monday.

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Ron said...

Try this site :-

It should find the cheapest flights to where you want to go. I've used it many times before. Make sure you check where the airports are before you book them, most budget airlines use smaller airports that can take a little farther to travel to and fro. Incidentally you may like to leave Europe for KL via another airport which saves you a return trip to London. I know MAS flies out of Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich or Frankfurt. You could organise your trip so that you end up in Paris and fly out of Charles De Gaulle for example. I'd book flights internally via the cheap flights that Europe has but you must read the conditions very very carefully as budget airlines have so many hidden extra costs.