Sunday, December 18, 2005

Alone at Christmas

This year for Christmas, we've decided to stay in Klang instead of going back up to Alor Star. As much as I'd like to, I guess travelling in such a short period of time isn't going to help us since I am working on Christmas eve. Bummer.

Usually, I'd love to go back home and enjoy Christmas carols and food from church members back there. We'd wait up til midnight for the carollers to come to the last house and this is when Mrs Chua would make the most delicious food for them. Of course, parents and relatives to come to collect their children after a night out singing are most welcome to whatever that is served.

So this year, I'll be missing all that. I think I've already had my fare share of carols for the year though but I'll miss my parents and the Alor Star gang.

Instead, we've invited a couple of friends over to our house to see the Christmas tree which KS painstakingly decorated and have some small celebration. This is going to be my first time hosting a Christmas dinner and I'm no Martha Stewart. Most of the food is going to be plain and simple to prepare. Thank goodness most of the guests are guys who don't really take notice on whether your cutlery matches or your plates are of the same design. Haha... that even sounds terrible just saying it. Okay, I shan't say more. I'm just looking forward to the small and warm company we'd be having, although half of them are KS's workmates whom I've never met.

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jo-bloggs said...

that sounds like fun. and don't worry, i'm sure the foods will turn out scrumptiously. we're gonna try tackle a roast chicken (don't want to be eating turkey sandwich, turkey curry, turkey porridge, turkey noodles.....)- cina recipe with cina stuffing, and watch lots and lots of feel good films.