Thursday, December 22, 2005

Taking the LRT

One of the things that I like about taking the LRT is that I get to see the landscapes of KL which I won’t be able to when I drive. Of course I’d probably get bored of it pretty soon but every day I try to look out for new things to discover.

Like there are pockets of kampungs nestled in the midst of towering buildings or there is an Ear Nose Throat clinic operating from a quaint bungalow. Then I also discovered a little stream with stones, just like my favourite streams in NZ. Of course, I’m too far to peek at the state of the water but I’m certain it’s polluted, just like any river/stream in KL.

Then there are the things that I dislike about the LRT. This morning, it was really packed and I had to grasp on to the hanging thing (darn, what is it called?) and it was filthy! Of course, throngs of unwashed hands would have earlier held on to it and I don’t suppose the cleaners would think of wiping it. My palm and fingers have a stench on it despite scrubbing with hand soap three times already.

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