Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Remembering the Tsunami

When I was much younger, I was utterly fascinated with the thought of a giant wave after I read about one that swamped Papua New Guinea. It was something unimaginable, something that would probably be enacted in a Hollywood production with small figures running away from a huge tidal wave.

Believing Malaysia would never ever encounter such a disaster since we are sandwiched between Indonesia and Borneo, I tucked it out of mind but remained curious.

Last year’s tsunami brought terror and tragedies rather than merely quenching my curiosity. The video recordings of the tidal waves across the region were not only jaw dropping but inconceivable as I watched via email as the horrific disaster enfolded before my eyes.
It came as a greater shock when one of my close friend’s uncle lost his life while holidaying in Thailand with his wife. His wife could only watch, powerless to save her husband as the waters consumed him. I can only pray for her, for every survivor and all the victims’ families that their pain will be alleviated as time goes by.

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