Thursday, December 08, 2005

U2 Tickets Sold Out!

Within the hour the tickets were put up for sale in Australia, all U2 concert tickets were sold out AND placed on ebay for the highest bidder. Every single concert from Adelaide to Sydney, 70,000 tickets gone in 60 minutes!

My sister-in-law couldn’t even get into the website to help book for us the tickets. So, looks like our trip to Sydney next year will not be happening. :(


Anonymous said...

why didnt you ask me to get it?
I didnt know they were performing here anyway...
at least you get to save your money - go to Paris instead!! hahahahaha


Karen said...

You should have told me to ask because I am sure my superfan friend could have somehow gotten a ticket. He's seen U2 five times this year in 6 months!