Saturday, December 03, 2005

Lucky Rat

Again we caught a rat and this time, KS had agreed for me to kill it and dispose of it. My normal method of rat killing is to leave the fella out in the sun to kill it within two hours.

However, this rat got a lucky break as the sun wasn't it's usual glaring self. By the time it past 2pm, I gave up and gave the green light to KS to release it at the posh residency across the highway, which he did in glee.

Even if I had the option of throwing it out of the window of a high storey building, I wouldn't have because it's been proven to be most excruciating to watch if it doesn't die instantly. Thanks for reporting on your experiment, Karen. I also wonder what the jeep owner would have thought upon returning to his/her vehicle and to spot the dead rat on the roof.


coffee81 said...

Try giving the rat hot and spicy curry for a change. See if it'll 'burnt' to death or not. Kekeke!

Karen said...

I think if it had actually been a rat, as opposed to an inch long mouse, it would have made the window tossing a viable idea. Everyone was giving me the weight vs. height vs. wind velocity theory. Guess I didn't pay that much attention in Physics class.