Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Day

As I mentioned before, KS and I had invited a few people over for dinner on Christmas Day itself. Two of our guests cancelled late that morning itself and I had to keep the second defrosted chicken I was going to bake that night. I must say I was rather upset because the excuses given were pathetic, since they had appointments which they would have planned earlier. I need not have spent so much to buy all the ingredients and now after defrosting the chicken and having to keep it back in the freezer just makes it unhealthy for consumption. Is it too much to ask to give us an earlier notice, not 6 to 9 hours before??! No manners! One of them I’ve never met before so my impression of him is phhtttt… down the drain. I’m not keen to get to know him anymore no matter how close he is to KS.

Anyways, it ended up quite well as there were 6 of us in the end and my table could only comfortably accommodate 6. In fact, with all the food, it was spilling at its sides.

KS is down with a flu but he summoned enough strength to entertain his guests. Of course, the next day he totally zonked out while I quietly entertained myself with books and tried to watch two French DVDs Amelie and Yamakaze, both of which started to jump about 10 minutes into the movie. Sigh. There goes my Amelie DVD.

All in all, I'm glad I had the rest day because the bags under my eyes have been reduced.

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