Friday, December 23, 2005


News today says the flood situation in Alor Star has worsened. It is said to be the worst flood in 30 years, long before I shifted to Alor Star. Just looking at the pictures on the web and seeing familiar places being submerged in muddy waters stirs … well, a curiosity in me.

Of course, I’m looking at it from the position of one who is not being affected and I’m absolutely certain it’s not much fun to those who’s houses have been affected. If it’s not enough that it destroys the entire contents of the house, you are then left with scrubbing the mud from every crack and the stench will linger until you become immune to it. You then have to start refurnishing your home.
This is only as far as I can imagine, as I am humbly thankful that we never had to go through the hardship of a flood. There’s the emotional loss of irreplaceable things, memories etched into that particular piece of article that went drifting with the floodwaters.

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