Wednesday, May 03, 2006


We've been having roach problems again. It's twice now in a week that we've had major mama's in the kitchen right after we get back from work.

I know of two instant ways to kill a cockroach without using insecticide spray:
1. Pour boiling water - tip from Ron
2. Pour dishwashing liquid (even if it's diluted, it works) - tip from Jan

If you have the time, Tip #1 works fine and water is easy to clean up. But most of the time, we don't want the vermin running away before we want it dead. So Tip #2 works just as well for us. And since the last two pests were in the kitchen, reaching for the dishwashing liquid was the easiest and most instant.

I also got rid of a colony of red ants at my front lawn using this method.

It's really amazing to see how quick they die. Makes me think of how many more I'm killing every time I wash my dishes. And what other things am I killing along the way.


jo-bloggs said...

3. swallow it whilst singing - tip from jo

jo said...

very funny. but it wasn't a cockroach!! at least, it wouldn't have fit at the back of my throat...

jo-bloggs said...

does it still buzzzzzzz.......? : )

jo said...

maybe the buzzing has been translated to the ringing i keep hearing in my ear.