Saturday, March 03, 2007

Believe It Or Not

In the recent weeks, I've encountered two "prediction" methods which, as I attempt to describe, sounds and looks as bizarre as when you actually see it being conducted. Both need two people to conduct the tests.

1. Allergy Test
Person A is supposedly allergic to something, say pineapple.
Person B is the tester.

Person A stands, feet slightly apart with the right arm stretched out to the right while the left hand is left hanging at its side. Person B faces A, right hand on A's left shoulder and presses down A's outstretched arm. A is supposed to resist this force.

Now, Person A holds the allergic material (in this case, the pineapple) in the left hand and Person B repeats the step above, using the same force as before.

Apparently, if you ARE allergic to the substance, you will not be able to resist the force.

2. Gender and Quantity of your Future Kids (I KID YOU NOT!)
Take a strand of Person A's hair, string a gold ring and Person B is to hold the ends of the hair with the ring hanging free. Cupping A's left hand with palms facing upwards, B is to dip the ring three times just beside A's upturned left thumb. Then, B holds the ring above the open palm with a steady hand.

Now, if the ring sways up and down, A's first born will be a boy. If it swings left to right, it is a girl. After a bit, the ring will stop swinging and then continue again. Hold as long as you can to know how many kids you will have and what gender they will be.

Mine is said to be a boy followed by 2 girls.

Told ja it was bizarre!

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