Monday, March 12, 2007

Crazy Queue

I'm just back from spending the weekend at PJ with my parents. It's been a weekend of tremendous stress for my family as we had to decide on something that will shift the axis of the world we as a family have been living in.

Sorry, I can't reveal much as my family wishes it to remain private within the immediate family for the time being. Will reveal more when permissible as a respect to my parents. Promise!

Anyways, today was a rather happening day for me because I bought my very first government shares! I queued from 8:30am even though the counters where scheduled to open at 9:30 and managed to get 1st spot for opening a new account.
Even so, I only managed to get through at 11am as the systems were jammed.

It is well known that the shares are HOT property and many stories such as only the first 3 people in the queue would get it.

But what I learned today was that, if you want to buy ASM or ASW:
1. Fill up the form provided
2. Bring cash or your bank book if you have an account with the agent/bank
3. Photocopy your IC
4. Wear comfortable shoes
5. Take leave if you really really want it

I did neither of theses and only found out about the top three just 5 minutes before the doors opened so there was a flurry of panic for a while.

It was a great learning experience as to what it was all about and I had fun standing being first in line.

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