Friday, March 16, 2007

Sek Cho

So while I’m waiting for KS to pick me from work, what else has been happening? Okay, I’ll tell you about my first “I really hate you” incident.

I admit I’m a terrible person when it comes to being sek cho (sake-choe). Er… I don’t know what is the English word for this. I know it and acknowledge it. I can call up my father-in-law and without so much of a “how are you?”, I’d launch into the reason why I called. Not thoughtful? Self-centered?

Anyways, I am glad to know there are some people who are worse than me. If your friend wanted something really badly, and you happen to get it for free and don’t have an obvious need for it, would you give it to your friend?

KS says I’m not angry with my friend, rather I’m disappointed with myself for having such high expectations on him, that he would reciprocate my friendship as I him. That he has failed the test as a friend.

Oh well, I have already warned my friend that I will be very nasty to him after telling him exactly why I hate him. At least there’s excitement to look forward to every day.

I must really check for growing horns on my head. I’m becoming a nasty b*****! And the worse/best part is? That I’m enjoying it. That I’m enjoying not being pushed around and stepped all over.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry leh, I don't understand your blog at all today! Who are you talking about? What incident?