Friday, March 16, 2007

Car Problems

Yesterday I took the car to work, as KS was ill at home. As I was about reaching the office area after a morning meeting, I noticed my Heat indicator above the normal level and kept an eye on it. It steadily moved up as the minutes ticked by and I tried to deceive myself and pulled my vision higher, so that looking downwards, the needle was still at an okay level.

Of course that didn’t work and by the time I was less than 100m away from the car park, it almost touched the red warning levels. The many traffic lights didn’t help and by that time I was panicking. After all, all my years of driving I had never encountered overheating from my trusty car.

In the end, I managed to park my car and call my mechanic from Klang. I only serviced it 2 weekends ago and this should not have happened! He came 3 hours later and when he popped the hood, he immediately denied having touched the engine and that this wasn’t his fault. Of course I was disbelieving and am now determined that I will never go back to him again, even though his shop is walking distance to home, which helps.

The first time I sent my car to him to fix my suspensions, he failed to tighten the screws and for almost 2 weeks, I felt my tyres wobble at high speeds. I sent it to a tyre shop who immediately found the problem. Gosh! I could have gotten into a nasty accident with my wheels flying off!

All in all, I’ve spent over a grand in just 3 weekends on repairing my car. Looks like I’ll have to postpone re-spraying it until mid of this year.

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