Friday, March 16, 2007

It’s a Girl Thing

So I’ve been Little Miss Sunshine - NOT, what with PMS and my car problems and “I-don’t-want-to-work-anymore” moods and screaming at my colleagues with “I really hate you!”

So today, I splurged on something I didn’t need. It has been a want for some time now. I finally got my very first “expensive lipstick”. A Bobbi Brown. No more Maybelline or some cheapo brand called Secret. I’ve grown up!

I was almost gushing with excitement as I chatted with the sales girl that I finally finished my lipstick of 2 years. She looked at me in horror. That’s when I decided not to tell her that it was my most frequently used make up. Don’t get me started on mascara (I think it’s over 4 years old now) or my eyebrow pencil (I bought it while I was studying in NZ in the mid 90s). Well at least my foundation is new!

I’ve always like Bobbi Brown as I believe make up should never be too garish. Initially I thought that’s what everyone would think but I have met enough people to realize that that’s how make up companies survive on these other people.

But yeah, the excitement of buying something girly really perked me up this afternoon (until some idiot at work spoilt it again, hence my second utterance of “I really hate you!” for this week came about).

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