Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I love magic. I love the people who do magic. I especially loved David Copperfield although people called him the Beast when he was going out with the Beauty (Claudia). How I love his stage charisma! His impossible tricks and high dramas.

That was so 80s and 90s. Now comes the latest trend in magic. Street magic. Just watched a couple of Cyril's on YouTube. He's now in a pilot together with a bunch of others called T.H.E.M. (Totally Hidden Extreme Magic). It's quite funny how they trick unsuspecting victims just like Candid Camera but using magic.

I wish... I wish I had the time and charisma and patience and... oh well, okay, looks like I don't really wish to be a magician. But aha! I can wish KS would take it up!

Man, I'm so glad for YouTube. And my boss actually asked me a couple of months ago when news on Google buying YouTube, "What is YouTube?". We're on such different planets.

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