Saturday, March 24, 2007

Just Twist

The other day I bought this new shampoo for my scalp. It had a pump which had to be twisted open for the first time. Upon reaching home, I tried to twist it open but it refused and remained stuck. I enlisted KS' help but even he couldn't open it.

Resigned, I left it as that but was determined to get a replacement since it wasn't a cheap shampoo.

Finally, after several days, I went back to the shop to get it replaced. Malaysian shops are notorious for not wanting to make replacements so I was a little worked up. As soon as I got in, I launched into a narrative of how I just bought it from their shop, and I tried and tried to open it like this, and demonstrating how I twisted it. And the darn thing twisted itself open. All this happened in less than 5 seconds.

The salesgirl looked at me as I stopped in mid tirade, then with a quick mutter, "Ah, it's ok now!", I rushed out of the shop in embarrassment as her laughter floated from the shop.

And the darn shampoo doesn't work. It left my hair a mop of oily mess on my second day of using it, until my colleague asked tentatively, "You put extra... conditioner on your hair today?"



w.e.n.d.y said...

This is real funny!! So what's the brand of the shampoo? I shall look out for it. By the way, Himalaya is quite a good one to try. The other one is Vatika - only sold in Indian shops in Brickfields.

jo said...

it's by the brand total health concept. very difficult to find. but it's because i know the owner of the company and since he's so famous here in malaysia, i thought i'd give it a try. it's REALLY oily.

i now wash my hair with normal shampoo first then only use this one. at least it's less oily this way but it sure takes a long time for me to wash my hair these days.