Thursday, October 26, 2006

Angels & Demons

When my friend told me how good this book is, as compared to the Da Vinci Code, I knew it would be a good book. I just wasn't prepared HOW it would have kept me turning the pages.

There is an illustrated version of the book in my in-laws place. It's been there for months and every time I go there, I never had the desire to pick it up. However, our trip to Melaka extended by accident (we overslept but that's another story altogether).

So on the last night, I wanted to accompany KS to watch the latest U2 DVD release, Zoo TV. I had hoped I could alternate reading one page and watch the concert. Of course, that never happened. By midnight, KS was ready for bed but I was still immersed and sitting on the edge of my chair. I decided I could still accompany him but read in bed.

Next thing I knew, I heard the sound of a motorbike right in front of the house. I bolted up in panic, as my mind was filled with the terrors and killings in the book, but there was a dull thud as the newspapers was flung into the compound. NEWSPAPERS? I scampered out of bed to read the time and was really shocked to find it was already 6:30am.

I cannot remember when was the last time I slept so late and if I wasn't interrupted, I would have gone on until I finished the book.

Dang you, Dan Brown! This is your second book that has kept me awake until I finished them within 24 hours. I'm glad I read Da Vinci Code first. Angels & Demons is FAR better and the illustrations and photos of the actual sculptures in Rome really helped with the visualisation.

I also realised that I actually have a fear of sculptures, they look so life-like! How marble is carved to look like a flowing cloak makes it seem as though the statue can come alive any time. I hope never to be in the vicinity of one at night.


ron said...

perhaps you should visit Rome and Paris!! hahaha
see for yourself

jo-bloggs said...

then come visit me!