Wednesday, November 30, 2005


At last! The whole afternoon took me to every part of the company to bid almost everyone farewell. And like Monster said, I did meet one new person so it was like "Hi! Nice to meet you and all the best to you". Datin had a special message for me "Behave yourself out there" so I shot back "You mean here I wasn't?". What on earth did I do?'

I've also got strange responses when I went to say goodbye, "Today is your last day? Are you sure? How come?". Then I had the fair share of "Congrats!" and "Got job for me at your new workplace ah?".

My colleagues have been fantastic. They managed to buy me an old letter opener produced by the company 30 years ago which have been using every day. They polished it and put it into a nice box for me. Since it's such an old item, it's not in the system anymore and thus is difficult to procure something like that.

My colleague W has also been fantastic. She organised my farewell lunches and made sure everyone turned up. I'm going to miss those times she'd open all the mpeg files she'd get from her sister and watch and laugh.

Also, goodbye to my internet connection for a while. If things get desperate, I'm gonna have to ask KS to keep my blog alive. Sigh... I'd go through desperate measures for my blog.


Karen said...

WOO HOO! Congratulations! Big step! Dude, you gotta get high speed internet at home. I would go cuckcoo without it....

coffee81 said...

Me going to miss you...oh yeah! Thanks for the complimentary slips!