Monday, March 06, 2006

City of Entertainment

All in all, Genting is not too bad a place to go if you want to experience cool weather and wear your winter clothes in Malaysia. There are quite a few things to see up there even if you avoid the casinos. We’ve done that twice already.

The first thing that makes you less bored of the place is their confusing signage. We bought this package for two tickets to watch a magic show called Mysteria, a night’s stay at First World Hotel (the most basic accommodations at Gentings), two meal coupons and a two-way cable car ride for two pax.

Mysteria starts at 9pm and by the time we got there right after work, it was 8:15pm. Of course we were rushing to find the hotel to check in and eat before the show. We quickly grabbed some McD’s and headed towards the First World Hotel with the directions given on various boards above.

This always makes things exciting up in Gentings as we never know where we’re going and the place is darn confusing, you’d never really realise the entire layout of the whole place with it’s many hotels, theme parks and what not. Turn a few corners, some escalators up and down and whaddya know! You’re facing McD’s again!

In the end, we asked the people working there on how to get to our hotel. The girl pointed an entirely different direction from what those darn boards said. And she was right.

The hotel is another funny one. We had to queue to get a number in order to queue to be checked in. Now, this was nearly 15 mins before the show started so there was a stroke of panic as we finally checked in and dumped out bags, almost rushing to the show.

And the show is… well, I suppose I had David Copperfield in mind but heck, I nearly fell asleep in that 1.5 hours, it was that bad.

Hotel stay, I will just say we will never stay at First World Hotel again because the walls are so thin, we could hear people turning on taps across the corridors or some late people who bang past the corridor to catch their 6:30am ride. Oh, and we couldn’t open the windows because we think our window is just above a smoking section/room.
The saving grace was we had a great buffet lunch and the wonderful cool weather. I loved the cold there as it’s been sweltering. Hmm… must do my rain dance soon.

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