Thursday, March 16, 2006

Waiter, there's a fly...

Saturday night, I forced everyone to go eat Bambi rice (venision meat) and went to this particular shop we frequent for this dish. I was starving and, as Karen would say, hangry (hungry and angry). When the food came, I had sufficiently cast a dark cloud around the table with my charming mood.

I exaggerate. Anyways, digging into the food, I discover a cooked fly nestled within the slices of my venision. This is not the first time for this dish, this restaurant and for me. The guy whom I summoned had the nerve to ask me if it just flew in. They prepared another one for me and later charged me without so much of a "sorry". I swear I won't eat there again.

But I must say it's been a while since I've had foreign materials in my food. Not that I'm wishing but it's become a normal routine for me not to scrutinize my food before partaking every mouthful. Ah, blessed are the oblivious (although I wouldn't want to know what a fly tastes like - remembering the time when I "extracted" the juices from a black beetle from my lam mee once).

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J said...

Christina was sharing to me about how some people are reminded of God's love once they see certain animals or insects. Maybe this is one way God is reminding you of Him...could it be a possibility? Cause you get visits from cockroaches and other bugs.