Saturday, March 25, 2006

Expansion Pack

So last weekend I was back in Melaka as my sis-in-law is back from Perth. One of the highlights of the trip was a serious discussion that took place between KS and his dad:

"Son, we've got to talk about your finances for your family expansion..."

Ho-boy. My Mum had also given me the "You should have kids before you're 30" as soon as we celebrated our 1st Anniversary. Everyone lah, has been asking the "When?!" question. What's more, my good friend who got married 5 months after I did is already preggers.

The truth is, I'm petrified. Initially, it was the thought of the whole pregnancy, the vomiting, the constipation, the strange cravings (like I heard of someone wanted to eat those cheap rubber Japanese slippers - she boiled it in water but I'm not sure if she really chewed on it), the weight gained (although at the rate I'm putting on, I might as well be!).

Then there was the horror of birth, the mother of all pains which will be so painful that even when the doctor slices you up to ease the birth instead of letting your tissues tear on its own, you won't know it. And this will last, oh, just about 12 hours give or take another 12.

To put that all aside since every mother needs to go through this (dang you, Eve! Why did you have to listen to that serpent?!), now the thought of bringing up a child is the most frightening. I see so many examples of parents today and it's easy for me to point out what upbringing should be ideal. Yeah, wait til I have my own kids.

Anyways, if you want to know, we're not even thinking about our "expansion". We've got Cambodia to look forward to in August.


Grace said...

Actually if you get yourself a birth coach, like a doula you will get through it. It's not so bad. I would get pregnant again so that I can experience the birthing of a child all over again. It was so special, you forget about the pain. It's like a very bad period cramp (and I did it without drugs)

The scary part is the afterwards. You wake up one day and you are responsible for a very precious life for the next 20 years or so. That is the toughest part.

Ron said...

I think you should not let others pressure you into "expanding the family" - next time someone says that, tell them there's loads of starving dying children out there and you don't want to add another one on the list..hahahaha
I think you both ought to go see the world a bit first (travel/backpack in hostels) before doing anything like having kids coz when you do, you'd be staying put and assuming the role that you dread for the rest of your life - a "Klang Por" :) Think about it....

Monster said...

All I can say is ARGH!
having kids by 30 eh?

All I can do is quote the White Rabbit
"I'm late! I am late!"

Way off.

w.e.n.d.y said...

I think I will go get IVF in a few years time, choose a cute, smart angmoh sperm donor and get cute mixed kid for myself......

After I've gone around the world that is.....