Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Review – Eric’s Hot Restaurant

Yesterday we were a little bit more adventurous, we had dinner at this new place called Eric’s Hot. Named and owned after a famous Hong Kong actor, Eric Tsang, it is located at Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas.

I had been tempted to try their Sze Chuan noodles when I first saw it about 3 weeks back so when we were there, I ordered that together with some jasmine green tea.

To digress, I’ve been having green tea cravings since the weekend, I don’t know why. Just 10 mins ago, I bought a pot, mug and a box of green tea for me to nurse the rest of the day at work.

Anyways, back to my story at Eric’s Hot, the aroma of my tea certainly smelled like jasmine and green tea but upon my first sip, I gagged and nearly spat it out! they served us SUGARED jasmine green tea! It was horrible! Tasted like some medicine! Yuks!

Hence, based mainly on that, I will NOT recommend people to go there to eat. Also, my Sze Chuan noodles came with a grossly thick layer of red chilli oil. KS had to finish it for me and today suffers from a stomachache. We also ordered a claypot chicken dish which cost us RM20 when it could easily cost a quarter of it outside.

Perhaps I’m not being fair for they may specialise in other things (steamboat was a popular choice amongst the diners) but given the chance, I will not go back there unless I’m not paying for it.


jo-bloggs said...

ever thought of becoming a food critic? think you'll be a good one.

Grace said...

Could you be pregnant if you are having food cravings? Hmmmm...