Sunday, March 12, 2006

One More Photo

On our Genting trip, we also saw these signages all over the place, in the bus, in the cable car etc. Take a look:
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Ok, the signs mean No Eating, No Smoking, No Drinking and No Throwing Rubbish. Now look closely at the middle one:
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What on earth does this mean? We were thinking all sorts, No Exposing Your Shoes to the Rain, No Wearing Pants that Doesn't Reach to Your Ankles and make you look like an Ah Pek, No Stretching Your Leg.

But I think it just struck me, perhaps it means, No Kicking the Glass Window.


Ron said...

ummm I saw it and my immediate thought was "no feet up on seats" the lines could mean movement but its not very clear...

jo-bloggs said...

it looks like 'don't shake leg', like how our grannies would tell us.