Tuesday, March 21, 2006


We just dragged home a mini trampoline from Melaka, courtesy of my in-laws who have kept it in the storeroom as a means for more dust to settle on.

Anyways, it’s cool and it’s barely used. I jumped on it on the first day and experienced a headache after less than 10 jumps. Perhaps I should be less enthusiastic and start with smaller jumps.

It’s great because we never really have the time for a proper means of exercise (I’ve decided that a gym costs way too much) and by the time we reach home, it’s too dark and dangerous to go for a walk.

The trampoline provides a quick perk-me-up before I go to work or just when I get home. I'm sure to exercise more now! (yeah right). KS has yet to have a go at it because we not sure what weight it can handle. There’s only one way to find out, right??

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jo-bloggs said...

speaking of exercise...... i'm so lack of it that my sis is likening me to wobbly whale.