Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Ball is Round

Everyone is talking balls right now. So far I've only watched half the match of England vs I-can't-remember-which-country. And because there were no goals, I was absorbed in my book until KS shouted out the goals. Luckily they have playbacks.

But it's strange to hear how people "celebrate" this sport around the globe. Here, people are wearing lanyards with BRAZIL, ITALY and what have you, and clipping on their staff ID tags with them.

If you live in an apartment/condo, your sleep would most certainly be interrupted with screams of "GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!" until 5am. Yup, that happened in college.

Mamaks are a crowded time of the season, with many owners throwing up big screens and projecting the games on the large canvasses to attract customers. Patrons will be dressed in their football jerserys and will be sitting there for a good 90 mins. I've always wondered how these mamaks make money out of someone sitting there just drinking one glass of teh tarik for more than an hour. Was just told that apparently, when a goal is scored, the supporter gets so excited that he will accidentally fling the contents of his glass.

I'm glad to say I will not be visiting mamaks at this juncture and be drenched by flying teh tariks.

But flying of flags and honking as in Canada? That hasn't reached here yet.

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jo-bloggs said...

we definitely get flag-flying and honking here. the best bit about world cup here is that traffic is great in the weekends and shops are manageable.